New Jersey Logging Railroad List
Maintained by W. George Cook
Railroad Name Mill Name Location County State Yr from Yr to Gauge Miles RR Locos Cars Skidders Loaders Source Notes
Delaware & Jobstown Rail or MacAdamized Road Co. John Black, constructed public R/W Kinkora Burlington NJ 1833 1834 4'10" 13.37pos 0 0 Various by W.G.Cook Changed name to Delaware & Atlantic RR, before completion 2/2/35
Sawmill Branch of the Millville & Glassboro RR M. & G. RR,Steam Sawmill operated by Wilson Bros. Forest Grove Cumberland NJ 1861 c1867 4"10" 2.0 0 0 Various by W.G.Cook Aba soon as timber cut out, cut ties for M & Cape May RR,and local towns.
The Delaware & Atlantic Rail Road Company Public R/W, wood rail, strap rail 9.09#, later 42lbs Kinkora Burlington NJ 1834 1849 4'10" 14.72 unk 0 Various by W.G.Cook to Greenwood Lower Mill, handled wood to Del. Riv Wharf, and C&Amb.RR loco.
Torrey Railroad Private RR, lumber and bog iron Toms River Ocean NJ 1842 1845 std 8.2 1 na Various by W.G.Cook loco by Star Iron Works